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Sewer Drain Cleaning

Waste water generated from individuals and households at large usually flows into a sewer system. The sewer drain system is therefore crucial in completing the plumbing system.

Due to the nature of the waste water that this system handles, it is prone to dirt and may sometimes clog and end up blocking. It is of vital necessity, therefore, to keep the sewer drain clean for efficiency of its operation.

This article discusses a few methods used in sewer drain cleaning.

One of the most common techniques to clear blocked sewer pipes is a snake rod. The snake rods usually have a steel spring that can bend and follow the profile of the sewer drain pipe. They are usually hand held and can achieve a high efficiency in sewer drain cleaning. When using them, the handle is gently turned to maneuver the spring around the bends. Snake rods can be used to unblock sinks and bathtubs.

Augers can also be used to clean sewer drains. The augers also snake their way to the clogs and break them up. They are usually used in the toilet or urinal drains to clear off any clog that may have accumulated in tight corners of the drains.

Other methods used by plumbers to clean the sewer drain include application of gadgets that rely on pressure. Some of these include the plunger and the rooters.

Plungers work by application of a suction force and is used in clearing the clogs in the sink drains.

Roto rooters work by blasting the clogs using the pressure of the water. They use electric motors to achieve the required pressure and they can be used to clean the sewer drains in homes.

The clog buster is another way to blast blockages in pipes. It is  connected to a hose pipe and maneuvered up to the clog. The pressure of the water makes the clog buster to swell and prevent the back flow of water. The pressure that builds up eventually breaks up the clog or frees it up enough to move it along in the drainage system.

The equipments mentioned in this artile can all achieve the purpose of sewer drain cleaning. However, it is important to consider the size of the sewer drain for better efficiency of the equipment. It is also expedient to observe safety measures when using the equipment.

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